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2 tracks at german art movie "Schafherden-Noir"

TeHÔM’s two tracks “Abyss” and “Atum” are included in the german Art movie “Schafherden-Noir” by author and director Nicolas Riedl and his Neyko Studio released 20th November 2016. Here is complete movie. Check other artists..

00:44:25 > "Abyss"
01:06:50 > "Atum"


TeHÔM played at several major festivals

TeHÔM played at several major festivals like Wroclaw Industrial, Wave Gotik Treffen, Brutal Assault, etc. You can check some photos here and videos here.

Some album reviews and interviews are in link

You can find some album reviews and interviews in english, german, french, italian, russian language here

Final release date May 20th 2014!

The release date of third album is May 20th 2014, and here are finally short excerpts from a new TeHÔM - "Lacrimae Mundi" CD album (67th Cycle). More info & pre-order @ CYCLIC LAW Records official page, Add yourself also @ page.

Listen excerpts HERE.

New album "Lacrimae Mundi" on Cyclic Law Records in May 2014

The croatian dark ambient ritual force, comes back after 13 years with it's 3rd record. The Project has recorded two previous albums for Death in June's respectable NER sublabel Twilight Command in the second part of 90's and now comes with it's deep & slowly marching ritual dark ambient soundscapes.

The new TeHÔM album "Lacrimae Mundi" with 9 new tracks is finaly completed and will be released on a 6-panel digipack CD in early 2014 on the Canadian label Cyclic Law. Dehn Sora (Treha Sektori) from Paris is doing the graphic artwork and design of album. More info with links to audio excerpts will be available soon as well as a 1st promo video. Hopefully 2014 will also see TeHÔM doing live shows and presenting the project around Europe.

Thnx to all who contributed to the project (Thor, Mirela). Special thanks to Frédéric Arbour. TeHÔM is a proud and honoured to become a member of Cyclic Law family. You can find their official website at

TeHÔM interview @ "Wounds Of The Earth" Zine - Issue 1


Finaly 1st TeHÔM interview is up after long slilence of project..
Check nice designed dark atmospheric electronic music "Wounds Of The Earth" Zine - Issue 01 with lots of interesting stuff inside.. interviews, reviews, announcements,.. Enjoy links :  ZINE READ LINK | PDF LINK


For Zine big cover photo > click HERE

15 years later :: Sinisa Ocurscak - Charlie (18.XII.1969. - 27.X.1997.) ex-TeHÔM

In the memory of my friend..


"I am a bird of sand, on the wings of my scars remain from the rain
if you cry over me I'll disappear in your grief. "

Sinisa Ocurscak - Charlie (18.XII.1969. - 27.X.1997.) ex-TeHÔM member

New booklet essay for 3rd TeHôM album in preparation by Mr. Þór Einar Leichhardt

Þór Einar Leichhardt said : "I am extremely proud to be able to write an essay for the new - 3rd TeHÔM album. It is truly a privilege and honour to write for this magnificent project now led by the only surviving member Mr. Miljenko Rajakovic and in memory of our mutual dear friend Sinisa Ocurscak - Charlie. I will try to continue and explore further themes from the first two albums even though I am conscious that I can't match Charlie's aesthetics and style.

In the meantime I invite you to visit official TeHôM Facebook page :"

Track for UK based Kalpamantra Records and Various compilation "Krtrima Sprha"

TeHÔM is back after long silence.
I have reactivated 2010 this Dark Ambient Ritual and Experimental project to continue the legacy and preserve the memory of my dear friend Sinisa Ocurscak (TeHÔM member '88 - RIP '97) whose premature death has left a large gap in the hearts of Dark Ambient fans worldwide.

A long time has passed since any output. Marking the first appearance of the returning act is the track "The Magnitude Of Shaking" which I have made for the acclaimed Dark Ritual Drone Ambient UK based Kalpamantra Records as well as an appearance on the compilation "Krtrima Sprha", May 2012!! This will be followed by the brandnew 3rd TeHÔM album, including this track "The Magnitude Of Shaking" on it, hopefully again for well known label in the dark ambient scene.

Appearing on this compilation are some renowned names such as : Northaunt aka Therradaemon, Gydja, Kammarheit, Herbst9, Sinke Dûs, Collapsar, Blood Box, Peter Bjärgö, Beyond Sensory Experience, Maeror Tri, Vortex, New Risen Throne, Parhelion, Lamia Vox, Deutsch Nepal, Dahlia's Tear, Triangular Ascension, etc...

TeHÔM track check here downthere: