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LP Vinyl picture disc "Live Assault" + Mini CD "Extra Assault" 2017. 
[LER016] La Esencia Records

A1 Intro (Theos Agnotos)
A2 Darkness Cosmogony Of Myths
A3 Perilous Depth
A4 Abyss
B1 Amorphous Structure
B2 The World Ended
B3 Modality Of Cosmic Matter

CD01 The Realm Of Dark Senses
CD02 Our Place In The Stars
CD03 Kolaps


CD Album: “Live Assault” 2017.        
[Cycle 95] Cyclic Law Records

01 Intro (Theos Agnotos)
02 Darkness Cosmogony Of Myths
03 Perilous Depth
04 Abyss
05 Amorphous Structure
06 The World Ended
07 Modality Of Cosmic Matter


CD Album: “Lacrimae Mundi” 2014.        
[Cycle 67] Cyclic Law Records
1 Perilous Depth                                                      
2 Darkness Cosmogony Of Myths                                 
3 Abyss                                                         
4 Amorphous Structure                                                          
5 The World Ended                                                                    
6 Lacrimae Mundi                                                    
7 The Magnitude Of Shaking
8 Atum
9 Modality Of Cosmic Matter

CD Album: “Theriomorphic Spirits” 2000.
[NERO XXVII] Twilight Command > sublabel of NER

1 Jaldabaoth
2 Aberth
3 The Eight Sky
4 The Shadow Integration
5 Tardema
6 Hybris



CD Album: “Despiritualization Of Nature” 1996.         
[NERO X] Twilight Command > sublabel of NER
1 PallinginesiaG.                                                         
2 Aposbennuntes Tous Luchnous                                   
3 Enantiodromia                                                           
4 Meta-Feeding                                                            
5 Endura                                                                      
6 Bequest Of Decay                                                      
7 Allogenes
8 Despiritualization Of Nature
9 Barren Allegories